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How to Prepare for Your Bridal Hair & Makeup Trial

Make the Most of Your Wedding Hair and Makeup Preview

Having a hair and makeup trial is crucial in perfecting your dream wedding glam. Trials give you the opportunity to preview what wedding day will bring, and you will also get to meet your day-of stylists.

It doesn't get much more intimate than your wedding day, so having a team of stylists who are not only talented and professional, but also personable and fun to be around is a MUST!

Being prepared for your appointment will help maximize your results to ensure a successful trial.


Make the most out of your trial by coordinating it with engagement pictures, bridal portraits, your bachelorette party or a date night! This will not only allow you to show off your glam, but you will also get a better idea of how it will last throughout the day/night.

Know What You Do & Don't Like

Sometimes knowing what you do not like is just as important as what you do! Have you had your hair and makeup done before? What did you like (or not like) about it? Do you feel prettier with your hair up or down? How much makeup do you normally wear when you get done up?

This can help you narrow down what to look for in your inspiration photos!

Inspiration Photos

Having inspiration photos helps your stylist bridge the gap between your perception and theirs. For example, your version of a natural look and theirs could vary drastically.

It's very important to be realistic when finding your inspiration photos. Looking for styles with similar hair color, hair texture, eye color, and skin tone can make a big difference in your final result.

Bring Your Hair Accessories

Do you plan on wearing hair extensions, hair jewelry, floral, or a veil? Bring them with you!! These details make a big difference in the overall look, so it is important to include them in your trial.

Will You Have a Spray Tan?

If you plan on having a tan for wedding day it is important to have one for your trial! This will make a difference in the overall appearance of your makeup. If you really want to get an accurate wedding day preview, get one for your trial too!

If you get a spray tan, don't spray your face. This can cause many issues including discoloration on any breakouts or dry spots. We can match your face to your body.

Preparing Your Skin

For the best finish, exfoliating your skin and removing unwanted facial hair is a must! We highly recommend dermablading for exfoliation and facial hair removal. For the brows, tweezing or threading is best. Waxing strips the skin and can change the way makeup adheres in those areas.

What to Wear

Wearing a moveable top or robe is best so you don't have to worry about messing anything up when changing. I recommend wearing white to really help the vision come to life!

Trial Day Hair and Skin

It is crucial to come with dry, clean hair. We can dirty hair up with product if needed- but if there is too much oil in the hair it will make achieving your desired hairstyle nearly impossible.

Come with a clean face, free of any makeup. You can do your normal skincare routine as long as there is plenty of time for the products to completely sink into the skin. If there is product on the surface it will create a barrier between the skin and makeup, not allowing the makeup to last as long. Do not put on any SPF, even if that's part of your skincare routine, as it causes flashback in photos.

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