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How to Choose Inspiration Pictures

Between Pinterest and social media it can be a little overwhelming to choose your bridal hair & makeup inspiration photos! After years of experience, we've curated some ideas to keep in mind when beginning your inspo journey. It is a recommended to have inspiration photos on hand when getting your hair and makeup done to bridge the gap between yours and your stylists ideas.

Have you gotten your hair and makeup done before? What did you like or not like? It's important to keep these details in mind. Inform your stylist to help them create the perfect look!

How much makeup are you used to wearing? Do you feel more beautiful with your hair up or down? We can be quick to go with trends, and forget to check back in with ourselves. Ultimately, you will feel better if you're comfortable!

What do you really like about your inspiration picture? More often than not, it's really just a couple things that stand out rather than every detail in the photo. For example, you may love an updo but want a little more volume. You may love an eyeshadow look but prefer not to have the winged eyeliner. Be sure to share these details with your stylists!

Keep in mind this look will be photographed! Professional photography takes away about 30% of makeup.

It's best to find inspiration photos with similar features as you: skin tone, hair color, eye color, thickness and length of hair, etc. These all play a big role in the overall outcome.

We hope these tips help narrow down your choices and increase the chances of a successful hair and makeup experience!

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