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Meet Southern Standard

Introducing our brother company, Southern Standard Elevated On-Location Bar Services

Let's bring it back to 2019 when we welcomed our first sweet baby into the world. My husband, Koby, was working as an electrical lineman on overhead power lines. We were desperate to be in the same industry so we could work similar hours and spend more time together as a family.

Imagine this: We decide to open a bar business; come up with a name, get started on paperwork, and BAM. COVID hits. It stopped us in our tracks, and it wouldn't be until after we welcomed our baby girl in 2022 that we would finally be able to pick back up on this dream.

It has been so surreal watching my husband come to life as an entrepreneur. He has truly elevated his vendor category by providing an exceptional experience for his couples, fellow vendors, and venues. Not to mention, the drinks are unmatched.

It has been SO fun giving our couples incentives to use both companies, and having common brides. We both have such a passion for the wedding industry and giving our clients an experience instead of just a service means so much to us!

Learn more about Southern Standard's services on our website or our Instagram! Connect with us directly at Cheers! 🥂

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